Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Ok....really? Bombs go off on Patriots day at the Boston Marathon and the media soon start blaming right-wing terrorists, calling people on the far right domestic terrorists or that republicans are responsible because they have been blocking the appointment of a new ATF director. That must be in the job description to go right to attack talking points whenever tragedy happens. It's sad to say that one of my initial reactions, after how horrible and crazy this was, was wondering how the media and politicians will jump to use this for political gain or attack, what freedoms will they aim at taking now? Sadly, I was right in thinking that. The upside down crazy of what's happening to America is so frustrating. You don't have to look far to find liberal contradictions. I was listening to one report where the person talking said within moments of each other that we will see lots of people taking credit for this etc. and then a few sentences later said no one might claim credit for this. They can't even stay consistent in the same breath. This is just one more political opportunity for them. They need to step back and have some respect for those victims involved. Good Grief!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Enough already. This discussion on gun control is growing old. Some of us "get it" and the rest of America that doesn't, need to wake up. No society that has had their gun rights taken from them has survived in tact. Taking away guns from the citizens will only bring more violence to the streets. It's not like criminals and thugs will hand over their weapons.(Truthfully I'm more concerned with the government having weapons against us than criminals, although lately, what's the difference) The illogical reasons of the the liberal argument is almost laughable if the consequences weren't so devastating. Maybe we should take away knives and baseball bats, how about ropes too. I love the satire comic of someone leaving their gun on the porch alone and surprised when they get home how lazy their gun was to not have shot anything all day. The lack of morals in a society is the problem not the weapon used.

Once again the founders had it right. We have the right to bear arms and they knew that was in part for protection against tyranny. They clearly made that a priority for a reason. One of the first things governments do to get control is take away our ability to defend ourselves. They can call it whatever they want, use any excuse in the book why guns should be limited, but it all comes down to control and their insane desire to have total control of the people. Let's not kid ourselves with thinking their desire will end with this one control or that, each law or restriction is just one more step in the path to changing America. It's been happening little by little, but it seems lately those seeking power are trying to grab it a little faster. The American frog in the pot is starting to notice, and I can only hope, jumps out soon.

Like I said before...society in America is turning upside down. Christians and patriots are treated like terrorists and terrorists are treated like friENDs.