Saturday, October 29, 2016


The level of corruption in the government is beyond comprehension. More information is coming out practically every time you look at any news. Now I read that McMullin's goal is not to win, but to block Trump from winning because he doesn't want an authoritarian to get into office. Trump is a strong leader who loves America and wants to help make her strong again, wants to protect her from enemies, make the economy grow, and clean up the corruption. My question is what exactly does he think Hillary is? Sweets and roses? She is in this for herself, for power, and for control. What sane person is ok with a criminal under investigation from the FBI, who lived a lifetime of corruption and lies, full of destructive policies to be president. This election is about so much more than these two people running. We are on a precipice and we need to do all we can to keep from falling off. America as we have known her will never be the same if we allow this clinton crime family to run our nation. I pray American's wake up and do not let these liberal progressives deceive them into giving away America. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Crazy Times

This election is something else. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a spy thriller filled with conspiracy and corruption with the lone soldier trying to fight for justice. So many twist and turns, secrets and lies, and a vast array of opinions. Then I realize this is what has become of our country.
The two candidates we have could not be more different on policy issues. There are those that say vote for neither, they are both horrible. Vote for 3rd party they say. As much as we don't like that it is dominantly a two party system, right now, that is what it is. Voting for a 3rd party person at this point in time is basically handing the election to the progressive liberals. They have successfully split the conservative vote by spreading lies and attacking the person to keep the focus of their own lack of substance. If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it. By not voting or voting 3rd party, that tells me they are ok with Hillary for president. (which considering her crimes, treason and evil intents, is mind boggling)
Yes we have two flawed candidates. We need to take a breath and look not at the people, but at the policies. People need to get past the never Trump wall and look at what each side will do for the country. On one side you have pro abortion, anti traditional marriage, open borders, higher taxes, activist judges, government healthcare, attacks on religious liberty and gun rights just to name a few. On the other side you have pro life, pro marriage, immigration protection, lower taxes, competition in healthcare, constitutional judges, protection of our freedoms, strengthening our military and regain respect in the world.
We can't listen to anything the main stream media says.They no longer hide their bias for progressive liberalism. As for Hillary, she lies so much I don't even think she knows what is truth any more. It's exhausting to listen to her spew garbage, and disheartening that so many fall for it.
These people will do anything and say anything to keep their power and people need to be careful not to fall for the deception. There is so much corruption in our government, on both sides and all around. The fact the liberals are seething with hate for Trump should tell you that he most likely has some good policies. He has many flaws yes, but we need to vote for the direction he can take our country not for his personality. We need to keep the most corrupt person ever running for president out of office, one who will take our country even further away from what America was formed to be. I think he has been successful because he has not been a politician and he doesn't back down to their attacks which usually work on other candidates liberals go up against.
I hear a lot about voting principles (which is a good thing) and since neither main candidate is stellar we need to vote 3rd party. (I don't see any 3rd party I like either, but anyway) Some say it's not Christian to vote for Trump, some say it is. I don't think it's wrong to love America and want to preserve our freedoms as a country. I don't think that in doing so I'm not trusting God. Many write about the fact that we shouldn't put our trust in government but in God alone and therefor shouldn't vote for Trump because of things he's said and done.(who of us can throw the first stone) I couldn't agree more that God is in control, and only He is who we put our faith in. I don't think the two are exclusive, that if I have hope for our country, that I can't simultaneously put my trust in God.  Whatever happens with this election I know it is in God's plan. My faith is not shaken no matter what happens in this broken world.  What I do hope is that we, as a country, can grow stronger and be a force in the world for good. There is only one candidate I see able to lead us in that direction. We need to be good stewards in the country God places us and the time He placed us in. We can't stand by and let the corruption continue. We need to vote for the policies that will make America great again and for the candidate that has a great possibility of winning and defeating Hillary.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

O Say Can You See

There has been a lot of attention to the national anthem lately. It hasn't been completely positive. For some reason an athlete decided to take a stand for an issue important to him by rejecting our flag. While he has the complete 1st Amendment right to say or convey what he wants, we also have that same right to disagree with his methods. To me, disrespecting the American flag and national anthem is akin to biting the hand that feeds you. It is that very flag and what it stands for that gives us the right to speak out. America gives him the opportunities to work hard and become an professional athlete, or any of us to strive for a dream.
His example seems to have spread far and wide to other professional athletes right down to high school athletes. As I said, while I disagree with his choice in making his point he does have that right. What I take issue with is the hypocrisy that happens when people voice their disapproval. We are suddenly called racist or that it's not ok to disagree. I see this as a trend in many areas of thought in the political realm. This goes against one of the core principles that America was founded on. The founders intended that everyone have a voice. In the land of political correctness and what the media thinks is ok, free speech is being chipped away.
Despite that, it is heartening to see some digging in and taking a stand to support America and our anthem as an answer to the protest. We need patriotism to make a comeback. I still miss the days going to sports games where all the fans would sing the anthem together. I know it is such an honor to be the one chosen to sing but let's stand together and sing as one nation, have pride in our country, and belt out the rockets red glare. There is nothing wrong with a little love for your country. Stand and be proud.