Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank you

Thank you to our veterans. Those words seem small for all that they have done to preserve American values and way of life. Starting back with the Revolutionary War, all the way to today, countless people have sacrificed their lives for America and Americans. We are all connected. America is an exceptional country, built in ways no other nation in history was built. The founding fathers got together and hammered out our governing documents. Out of the early American's desire to be independent of tyranny and have freedom to worship came a great nation. Without those willing to sacrifice for what they believe in America would be no more. Right now we face a reality of loosing what we have worked so hard to keep. As true patriots we need to dig deep and fight for our country, stand together and bring America back to its founding principles, lest all the past sacrifice be in vain.
So thank you to those who fight bravely for America, let's join together and remember what makes America great.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm back

It's been way too long, so hopefully I'll get back in the groove. There has been almost too much to write about that it's overwhelming to know where to begin. Everytime I turn on the tv or radio it seems there is yet another scandal in the news about this corrupt government we have leading us (if you can call what they do leading). I guess it's somewhat encouraging that some in the media are finally taking their blinders off and seeing the lies and corruption for what they are, but they have a long way to go. Americans need to wake up and take our country back, I just hope we can elect true leaders before too much damage is done. Personally Obamacare had raised our health insurance to almost $900 a month, which is frustrating considering it's just a high deductible plan so only helpful for major stuff. We actually have a plan that was grandfathered, but what good is that when the price skyrockets. I hate how the government thinks they know what's best for us. Forcing Americans to buy a product or pay a fine is glaringly unconstitutional. This administration has trampled the constitution and spit on the founding fathers sacrifices more times than I can count. America is an exceptional nation and I want it back.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Good Read

I'm reading a book right now that I highly recommend. Actually I wish it could be a standard supplement text for all high school history classes. It's called "Under God" by Toby Mac and Michael Tait. I actually purchased it years ago, but just getting to it now. (wish I wouldn't have waited so long) It's a collection of true stories of America's rich heritage. These are stories you rarely read about in you history classes. There was a fascinating one about George Washington from the French Indian War. Basically he was shot at multiple times by the Indians who were specifically aiming at him and never miss, till now, and he later discovered holes in his uniform but he was unhurt. The chief realized that it was divine protection and that this man would go on to do great things, which we know he did.

The story that I read today prompted me to write about that book. It was about a man named John Prentiss "Print" Matthews. He was a known Union sympathizer and worked for the cause of equality during the reformation. He lived in Mississippi, so this was a dangerous position to take. They had formed a Fusion Independent Party comprised of blacks and whites. They had been successful in other elections but in 1883 things changed. Militant white Democrats basically waged war on them, intimidating blacks, doing night riding to black homes, whipping and threatening, and even killing one man who fought back. These militants where respected and successful business men in the community. Matthews party had successfully proved that whites and blacks could work together. They went against the all white power philosophy of many in the south, but had a large following of both white and black families. In 1881 Matthews lost the vote for sheriff by only 84 votes, most likely due to the fact that the Democrats "claimed" a horse ate the ballots in a mostly black precinct. Back to 1883, voters of the Independent Party were terrified to vote. Matthews had been given written warnings not to vote, which he ignored. He went to the polls, was verbally warned, and when he handed in his ballot was shot to death. An all white jury declared the shooter Ras Wheeler, innocent. He went on to a successful Democratic political career. The Democrats passed a resolution that no one could organize blacks against the whites in their county without personal harm. Many Southern states followed suit and Mississippi Constitution in 1890 prevented blacks from voting.

We know through history that Democrats are known to stand in the way of racial equality at every turn, yet today tout that they are the ones looking out for black families or any minority. In essence they still are doing all they can to keep black families poor and dependent. If they truly wanted to help, they would step out of the way and let black families become strong and prosperous. We know that's not what they want. They want power and control of blacks and anyone who disagrees with them. One of their biggest problems is that they still see blacks as "different" when they are not. We are all human, we all descended from Adam and Eve, thus all sharing basic genetics. There really is only one race..human. It just contains a wide variety of traits, none being better than the other, just different. I'm beyond sick of "race" games. We are all just people of one big family...move on.

I'm not even a quarter of the way through the book and each story is eye opening...find it and read it :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day

I can't have a blog titled America IS Beautiful without writing something for the 4th of July. Many people will celebrate for lots of reasons and it lots of ways. To some it's just another day for a party or barbecue, or maybe some time off work. Those who truly understand the magnitude of what happened over 230 years ago may take time to reflect, especially in our present culture, what July 4th stands for.

America is an exceptional country unlike any other. It was a radical concept at the time and a miracle that our founders accomplished what they did. Many people do not know the extreme risks the signers of the Declaration took, their lives, their families, their occupations were sometimes lost. Stepping out against the King was not a popular...politically correct...thing to do. They had to be secretive, working behind closed doors. Actually writing and signing the Declaration was only just the beginning. Putting your name on that document made you an instant treasonous enemy to King George. Yet, these humble men had such depth of conviction that what they were doing was right, that they were willing to risk it all. The freedoms we gained and the style of government they built was unlike any other. They won against all odds and birthed a nation.

True and knowledgeable patriots today are heartbroken at what is happening to this unique and exceptional nation, a Christian centered nation. We are a nation where "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Take some time to remember what it took to establish and build this great nation. If you've never sat down and actually read the entire Declaration of Independence, I didn't until a few years ago, I would encourage you to do it this year.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I don't know

Today was just another arrow into the heart of the founders of America. It doesn't matter how people try to rewrite history, the fact remains that we are and have always been a Christian nation. Our ancestors came here for religious freedom, a freedom we have been slowly loosing. Even other countries around the world can see the hypocrisy and treason rampant in our government. It's hard to even keep up with the constant barrage of scandal upon scandal. Now even the Supreme Court is getting in the game of fundamentally changing America. Not enough Americans truly know our history and the extensiveness of Christianity woven through the fabric of our country. The attacks on our constitution and values are disheartening.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

English Please

I'm tired of America catering to everyone and everything. At some point the melting pot is so diluted it is no longer what it was meant to be. I saw a commercial for a nationwide store the other day in Spanish. Last I checked English was the language of the land. What other country caters to every culture and language like America does. It's great that people come to America (legally) and that they keep their traditions and language alive in their families and communities. What I don't like is people trying to change our culture and core values. In the previous centuries immigrants came to America, assimilated into American culture and ideals, learned English and became Americans. If someone doesn't like our culture our language our values our way of life then why come? I would not expect to go to a foreign country and have them cater their society to me and my values. If I don't like their culture or society then I don't have to go there. I've seen kids here learn the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish..really..if I'm going to pledge my Allegiance to America I would think I should at least have the decency to say it in English. There are certain things that make America great, things that built our nation, and many are trying erase that from existence. Those who seek to divide us and pit Americans against each other on the basis of skin or ethnic background or other divisions should be ashamed. There is a reason people flock here. We are free, or least we were. Someone we all know stated that he was going to fundamentally change America, well sadly, he is well on his way. When it's practically a crime to be a true patriotic American we need to stand up and defend America, the one that was meant to be.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Regs Regs and more Regs

So much scandal has been uncovered since I last wrote. The magnitude of it all I guess has left me speechless...for a time. So much needed to be said but unable to formulate it onto a page. But no better time than the present to get back at it.
For the moment though, I have something more general on my mind. Regulations. I've had enough. Don't get me wrong, there needs to be regulations, but in our society we've gone beyond overboard. Those in charge, be it government local or federal, employers, leaders, activists or you name it are trying to control every aspect of our daily lives.

Regulating how much pop we can buy--sure it may be bad for you and people make bad choices, but they should have that choice
Regulating where you can build a house so as not to kill off a bug--where is the value of the human being and their need
Regulating what you can and can't say--heaven forbid we offend anyone (except of course Christians they are apparently fair game)
Regulating guns--ever hear of the 2nd amendment

Licences permits rules and bans for multitudes of things

Stories daily of peoples rights being taken away

Starting or maintaining a small business is made extremely difficult

What happened to America the Land of the Free? We are being squelched, controlled and regulated to death. When a little kid can't sell lemonade on the street without fear of getting in trouble or you can't sell milk from YOUR cow to YOUR neighbor and on and on...something is desperately wrong.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Ok....really? Bombs go off on Patriots day at the Boston Marathon and the media soon start blaming right-wing terrorists, calling people on the far right domestic terrorists or that republicans are responsible because they have been blocking the appointment of a new ATF director. That must be in the job description to go right to attack talking points whenever tragedy happens. It's sad to say that one of my initial reactions, after how horrible and crazy this was, was wondering how the media and politicians will jump to use this for political gain or attack, what freedoms will they aim at taking now? Sadly, I was right in thinking that. The upside down crazy of what's happening to America is so frustrating. You don't have to look far to find liberal contradictions. I was listening to one report where the person talking said within moments of each other that we will see lots of people taking credit for this etc. and then a few sentences later said no one might claim credit for this. They can't even stay consistent in the same breath. This is just one more political opportunity for them. They need to step back and have some respect for those victims involved. Good Grief!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Enough already. This discussion on gun control is growing old. Some of us "get it" and the rest of America that doesn't, need to wake up. No society that has had their gun rights taken from them has survived in tact. Taking away guns from the citizens will only bring more violence to the streets. It's not like criminals and thugs will hand over their weapons.(Truthfully I'm more concerned with the government having weapons against us than criminals, although lately, what's the difference) The illogical reasons of the the liberal argument is almost laughable if the consequences weren't so devastating. Maybe we should take away knives and baseball bats, how about ropes too. I love the satire comic of someone leaving their gun on the porch alone and surprised when they get home how lazy their gun was to not have shot anything all day. The lack of morals in a society is the problem not the weapon used.

Once again the founders had it right. We have the right to bear arms and they knew that was in part for protection against tyranny. They clearly made that a priority for a reason. One of the first things governments do to get control is take away our ability to defend ourselves. They can call it whatever they want, use any excuse in the book why guns should be limited, but it all comes down to control and their insane desire to have total control of the people. Let's not kid ourselves with thinking their desire will end with this one control or that, each law or restriction is just one more step in the path to changing America. It's been happening little by little, but it seems lately those seeking power are trying to grab it a little faster. The American frog in the pot is starting to notice, and I can only hope, jumps out soon.

Like I said before...society in America is turning upside down. Christians and patriots are treated like terrorists and terrorists are treated like friENDs.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Upside Down

The other day I was at my niece's birthday party. A comment was made about how different the parties are now. Gone are the big packages, toys, and barbies. All the four cousins are now teenagers and their birthday parties are cards and gift cards. Instead of playing with toys they go in the basement and curl each other's hair or watch clips on youtube. It made me think how fast things change and usually change is good. In essence they are still the same girls just more mature and interested in the things teens are interested in. Their core values haven't changed.

It's not quite the same story for America. We are a young country as countries go, but if you look over the last century of change, there has been good things and bad things. We have grown and matured but we are loosing the essence of what makes America America. We were born as a Christian nation (despite how the liberals and progressives try to rewrite history). We have our faults and struggles but the base foundation of America has been families and churches. We didn't suddenly flip upside down, it was a slow and deliberate process led by those who don't like what our country stands for. We are unique in the world in many ways, with our freedoms, our pioneer spirit, our caring for fellow man. When we have God and families we are able to stand strong against atrocities and attacks from any enemy. Without strong families, it's difficult to raise strong people.

Slowly over the last century there has been a calculated attempt to remove those two foundations of America because they understand that without God and strong nuclear families we as America are weak. Just to name some examples; Darwin--trying to take God out of the picture of how humankind came to be, prayer out of school, making divorce easier and more common, women's lib movement-devaluing the role of wife and mother, abortions, gay marriage-to destroy the definition of marriage, over used social programs like welfare--nanny state, BIG government and victim mentality. All of these seek to remove God, destroy the family and devalue human life. Without the guiding hand of God and strong families our nation will fall victim to control by those who seek only control and not the welfare of it's people. The more people that think they can only be taken care of by the government or only want the government to take care of them, the faster this country will fail. It degrades America's strong work ethic that helped build our nation. It's disheartening to see this happening and how blinded so many are to the reality.

The separation of church and state is a myth that so many tout to remove God from America. It's a myth because it's not in the constitution as they say, nor was it even close to the intentions the founders had. The constitution protects the people from a government run religion and protects religion from being infringed upon by government. They had no intention to keep God out of government and actually leaned heavily on the Bible in forming the constitution and other founding documents. (Although in today's society, most religions are readily accepted by liberals EXCEPT Christianity which is vilified at every turn..hmmm something to ponder why)

The only true statement I've ever heard uttered from the current president has been that he wants to FUNDAMENTALLY change America and that's exactly what he's trying to do; and take as many rights and freedoms away as he can while burying us under heavy government induced burdens. Any high and lofty sounding goals he utters are lies and hypocritical. Those "progressives" that came before him have laid the foundation for this degradation of America making it possible for him to deceive. We need to wake up and smell the evil.

My hope is that we can pull together to stop from being turned totally upside down and return to the foundations America was built on. Go back to when our constitution meant something to the leaders and not a bendable thing to be changed by their whim. Our kids deserve to have the American dream as much as our ancestors enjoyed it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tattered Flag

The other day at work I looked out the classroom window at the flags flapping in the snowy wind. The edges of the American flag were frayed and tattered. I just stared. I stared because the the image there so exemplifies what our country is going through right now. Even the flag is worn out and sad. It's a vivid picture of the state of our union. The founding fathers tried to worn us, yet we have not heeded.

It seems we are coming apart at the seams. If we are not careful we will irrevocably unravel completely. We are slowly loosing our freedom, our selves. It seems so many have lost what it means to be America, the ideals we were founded on. It's hard to understand how people cannot see the deception, lies, and corruption that leads this nation. Attempts to bring to light the wrongs leads to being banished by the very ones who fear the light. I feel like we could shout from the mountaintops the truth and yet no one hears. Many are so blinded that they may believe the most outrageous lie told to their face. I keep thinking this will get better, America will wake up to this disguised and deceptive takeover of our constitution and liberties, but I'm not so sure. I still hope. The Bible does say that what is wrong will be viewed right, what's good will be viewed bad. I can see that being true in our world today. Just like the the flag I saw, we as a country are a torn and tattered nation right now; but the one thing I can be sure of is, God is in control. No matter how much this world tries to erase God from existence, they will never succeed. America IS Beautiful...who do you think made it that way!

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's been Awhile

Seems like ages since I last wrote. So much has happened since October. I was amazed beyond words that we the Americans voted to keep someone, so inept at leading, in office. The more I watch news and talk, the more disheartened I get. Some people truly believe that our country is doing well, going in the right direction. As misguided as that is,they are entitled to their opinions. What is frustrating are those who vote blindly without knowing anything about any candidate. They vote merely on the wave of popularity or political correctness. I've seen people asked if they agree with certain views, which they do, and in actuality those views are the opposite of the person they support. Mind boggling. Something I heard over Christmas's hard to defeat Santa Claus. That couldn't be more true. America is in for a rude awakening if we continue on the path we are on. We are creating a society of entitlement seekers. People want something for nothing. They want others to work hard so they can get handouts. That is a path that leads to destruction of our country, the coffers will eventually become empty. We can't go on spending without creating ways and incentives for people to excel and grow business.

The latest bandwagon now is gun control. Our freedoms are slowly being chipped away. The Second Amendment is there to protect us, but it is being attacked.It was one of the basic rights our founders saw as a need to keep us free. Guns don't kill people. It's the decay of society that lead people to kill, and with many methods besides guns. I would hazard to guess that more people had guns in the home in the last centuries than now. Most boys would get one growing up, more families depended on hunting, or just to have for security. We didn't have mass shootings and murders then to the extent we do now. Why is that? It's not the amount of guns, or the kind of guns, it's the society devaluing life and demonizing traditional family values. Each freedom they keep trying to slowly slide under the rug, the closer we are to loosing our republic.

Our country was founded on Biblical values and set up to protect our religious rights and freedoms. It is slowly and systematically being fundamentally changed.