Monday, February 19, 2018

Guns and Grief

School shootings are awful, evil and very traumatizing to all. No one is going to debate that. Yet there is such controversy over it when it happens. Everyone wants someone to blame. They want something concrete to be done to fix it NOW. The problem with that is the issue came on slowly and it will not be fixed quick. It's a cultural decay not an inanimate object that is the problem.
Guns are not the problem. The person who chooses evil is.  I've read several accounts of those remembering a few decades ago when kids had guns in their pick up truck or in there home and kids were not out shooting people. There was a level of respect for guns and also a respect for human life. Over time this respect has gone away, especially for human life. God was taken from the schools. Society has changed and the only way to find our way back to to reach out to God.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The gig is up

Well, it's been awhile since I've written. There is so much to say about the state of America. We keep finding out the corruption is deeper and higher than one would think possible. One of the frustrating aspects is the fact that a large segment of the population does not know the facts. All they get is a very biased and controlled version of reality. The level of deception of the previous administration and all the hold overs still stirring up trouble is crazy.  I listen to the liberal media (as little as possible) and everything they are pointing fingers at is actually what they are doing. The democrats and media together have a bad case of narcissism. Their hatred for Trump and conservative ideals blinds them to the reality of all the good things that are happening in America. Even more could be happening if they would stop making up controversies and crimes that don't exist, wasting our time and not speaking the truth.
Hopefully as the swamp is drained and more things come out they won't be able to hide behind the lies and deception that has become such a way of life. I fear they  may actually believe it. They say that if  you repeat something enough, people will believe it even if it's a bold face lie. Some of it is so far fetched it's hard to accept that a sane thinking person would believe it.
Time will tell. Hopefully truth wins out.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Merry Christmas

It's nice to have a president who isn't afraid to say Merry Christmas. I was reading an article today about the president saying Merry Christmas on the official White House Christmas card. Of course the internet lit up with offended people complaining about it. It is truly tiring. For the last 2 centuries Americans have been saying Merry Christmas without complaint. It's a sign of the times I guess, where no one can speak freely unless you speak "politically correct."  America is a Christian nation and there shouldn't be an issue if we act like it. We say Merry Christmas because it is Christmas, a day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. In it's most general greeting it is still a wish for peace and good will to whoever you are saying it to, whether they believe in the true meaning of Christmas or not.
The people I know, say Merry Christmas. I work with someone who is Jewish who has no problem with people saying Merry Christmas or even saying Merry Christmas to others. As well as I have no issue to say Happy Hanukkah.
Let's get back to Merry Christmas and the meaning of the season and stop expecting everyone to cater to everyone's offenses. To do that we'd all have to stop talking. In America we have the freedom to speak but not to muzzle those we don't agree with.
Merry Christmas and God Bless us everyone.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Blind men walking

There is sharp division in America and the world. I think people hate Trump because he's doing something right. People hate American ideals because they are good. A spiritual battle plays out before our eyes. If I see someone vehemently opposed to something or someone good, I figure that what they are opposed to must in reality be a good thing. It goes back to--what's good is now bad and what was bad is now good.
This is bigger than any one issue, it's a world view. It's an ideology. Let's be frank. It's Satan working  and weaving into thoughts and actions to destroy what God made good.
There is no logic to the thoughts and actions of those who wish to destroy America or good things---and destroy is exactly what they want.
Deception in the media is high. The sad part is the declining education. Kids are not taught about American ideals and founding. Instead they are taught socialist ideas and to follow liberal and progressive ideologies without thinking for themselves. So when the media spews fake news and half truths so many believe those lies hook line and sinker.
Some people have good intentions but don't truly understand the successful way to go about it. Some people just have blind hate and won't even try to listen to anything beyond what they believe.
I hope we can succeed in turning the tide back to what America was meant to be.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Politics is an ugly word. It reflects in a picture how messed up our society has become. Liberals have lost their minds. There is no more common sense or morality in those that lead and represent and report the news. I know there is dishonesty in politics all the time, but the level it has reached in this era is mind boggling. Outright lies, made up stories, deep deep deception and schemes.
Watch the liberals closely, (and I mean the ones who are basically socialist, think America is bad and needs to be taken down) many times what they blame and point fingers about to others is exactly what they are doing. I see it again and again. Just like with all this Russian collusion accusations. They have been trying for over a year to pin something on Trump with that and have found Nothing. All the while knowing that is was them who were colluding with the Russians. And to find out now that the so called dossier was paid for and directed by hillary and the gang.(which anyone with half a brain has known for a long time) Back in the news again too is the whole uranium sale to Russia, which I knew was shady back then and we find out now how truly corrupt at the highest levels that was. There is no reason whatsoever to ever sell uranium to Russia.
I'm so tired of all the corruption and nothing ever happens to the guilty parties.
There is so much hypocrisy on the left it's almost laughable how brazen they are if it wasn't so sad what they are doing to the country.
I can hardly stand to hear any news because the crap just keeps coming. Thank goodness for conservative radio to weed through the lies and garbage and let us know what's really going on and all the good things that Trump is doing. We know the main stream faux media/ news reporters will never tell us that.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


What happened to patriotism? I know it's still around, but not to the extent I grew up with .The media would also have you believe everyone hates America by what they broadcast but we know that's not true. Just drive around and you will still see flags flying proudly. Go to high school or college sports and you will hear our great national anthem. Even so, it does seem patriotism, love and respect for America has declined. I don't think kids are being taught love of country or given an understanding of our founding and exceptionalism. We are truly unique in the world and future American generations need to be be taught about it or we will loose what we've built.
One thing I miss from growing up is when the anthem was played at ballgames. Then, it wasn't just played and people stand, the whole crowd would proudly sing along. It wasn't so much a performance by someone as it was a community together honoring America and the freedoms we enjoy. I wish that tradition would start up again. The situation that inspired the anthem is nothing short of inspiring. The strength those soldiers had to hold out against the British and keep our flag flying is beyond amazing.
Over the years the flag has been a beacon of hope, an inspiration to achieve greatness and an encouragement to go on. It has meaning far beyond a piece of cloth.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


My thoughts on the kneeling in the NFL .  It's important to respect the flag and what it means. There are other ways we can protest or work to correct injustice in America, but disrespecting the flag shouldn't be one of them. We need to be thankful to live in this country, despite some flaws it's the greatest country there is. Respecting the flag shows honor to those who fought and died for or freedom and those currently doing the same and sacrificing for our country.

I think the flag represents the citizens and the ideals of America. I feel disrespecting the flag equates to disrespecting the people. Protesting can be a positive thing and our founders made sure to include that in our freedoms but I think there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to go about it. Even better than protesting is doing things in the community to make things better. The biggest problem in America is a heart issue...from taking God out and letting government be the caregiver, but I guess that's a whole other issue. We look at the same situation from different lenses so see things differently.

I think we as a nation do embrace all people.  The fringe wackos that don't..don't represent America, not what America stands for. (Its just that they get all the media coverage so it's all people see) I know a lot of people work hard to help things in America to improve, we have made great strides in the last 100 years though there are still problems. The thing today is everything is so upside down, what's good is bad and what's bad is good. I'm sure God grieves for us and the things going on not just here but all over the world. The flag is most definitely not above God but it deserves respect nonetheless. I don't think respecting the flag means you don't care about the issues our country faces. The flag should be a symbol to bring us together not be used to tear us apart. We are all God's children of equal value. One thing I know for sure is that God is in control no matter what and we can trust in matter the chaos or craziness around us.