Sunday, December 18, 2016

Can't wait for Inauguration Day!

Warning: some venting ahead.
I have about reached overload with all the post election craziness.The Russians did this, Trump is that, my life is over because Hillary isn't going to be president, I need a safe space, because I didn't get my way I need to burn things down etc. etc. etc. I know the majority of people are sane (at least I hope so) and can handle the outcome of the election. It seems unbelievable the depths of despair and behavior some are displaying. I don't remember riots and accusations that the world would end when Obama got into office--twice, nor college students crying and coloring. Sometimes you loose, sometimes you win. I was not happy that he won but I moved on with life hoping next time things would get better and that he wouldn't cause too much irreversible damage. It is a sad statement of our society that people cannot handle loosing. It's a part of with it. Even all Hillary's talk of we must accept the outcome of the election (before the election) and now she is doing all she can to try to change the outcome or at least delegitimize it. She blames everyone and everything but herself for loosing. It couldn't possibly be anything wrong with her (or the last 8 years of twisted philosophy that she pledged to continue), she must have lost because the American people are stupid and don't know what's good for them and oh yes, the Russians hacked the election.
Give me a break.
The only thing that lost her the election was her. The hacked emails only brought the truth to light and nothing more. They exposed corruption at every level in the democratic party. It matters little (or to quote a certain someone "at this point what difference does it make") how they were hacked or by who. Maybe if she wouldn't have been breaking the law with a private server no one would have been able to see all the corruption. Or maybe if she and others hadn't committed all the crimes they did, there would be nothing to expose. Maybe if she actually accomplished something good instead of talking about the non fact that she did so much for whatever. It would be nice if she could take responsibility for the trail of corruption, lies, and crimes in her wake over a lifetime.
I admit in the beginning I wasn't too fond of Trump. I was rooting for others to get the nomination. Once it was clear he was going to be the nominee I tried to keep an open mind to see what he was going to do for our country. Whenever I hear objections to him at this point, it's the same false propaganda that the liberals have been pushing. (When I hear people say, but I don't listen to the media, but then spout the same stuff, I have my doubts.) When you look beyond their talking points you can find the real truth. Granted Trump can be brash and obnoxious, not all get his humor and he has made some poor life choices in the past. But. I think he is the perfect man for the job in this time in history. I'll tell you why. He is not in the political class so cannot be controlled by the standard way of Washington politics. He doesn't get intimidated and back down from the lies and distortions coming from the media. (Much of the Republican candidates tend to back down under pressure and that's not what we need.) He truly loves America and will work hard and actually get things done to help all Americans. (Though I know the left will fight him at every move) He values all life and will seek to protect it. He wants to strengthen our country and fix the problems that were created in the last 8 years that were meant to tear our country down. He will put America first and not apologize to the world for who we are. America is exceptional. Embrace it.
Sure he will make mistakes, nobody is perfect, but I am 100% sure he is better for American than the alternative. The left is so out of touch with reality and what actually works. I'm grateful for a reprieve from their destructive policies and world view. Trump knows enough to surround himself with wise counsel and contrary to what some think, he will actually take advise. All the fear mongering against him is based completely in the false narrative the communist/socialist left pushes out.
Sit back America, and watch and see. If we are open minded and look at reality and not the media, I think we will be pleased with the outcome of what he can accomplish. I for one am looking forward to better days for America.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Aftermath and moving on

The election is done but apparently the angst is not. It's disheartening to see all the riots and threats going on. All the fears some are claiming are based on false information. Whether genuine or not obama and hillary are calling for a smooth transition and support of Trump. I do wish they would come out and condemn the rioting and help being calm back to people. I've had the last 8 years to put up with a president I didn't like but I never would wish him ill will or go riot in the streets or demand play time to deal with my stress. I'm embarrassed by what the world must think of us in this time. Peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark of our country. It shows the state of our morality, education, and depravity that things are not going as smoothly now.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Finish line

The election is just days away. No one knows what will happen in the next few days, how the results will turn out or how people will respond to them. I know what I hope for. A Trump victory would be a step in the right direction to getting America back to her founding principles. I also know that we are in a fallen world and morality has been declining for decades in America and corruption has been multiplying. If hillary wins it is a reflection of how much we have fallen. If she wins it will be by fraud, corruption, and blinded people. I struggle to see how people can vote for someone as corrupt as her and someone who has no regard for the life of the unborn, for someone who is so clearly in this for herself and her self interests with little regard for the American people.
I know whoever is the next president will be the one God has in his plan. No matter who it is, God still reigns. To have lived in America is a gift and I hope that we can pull it together and build her up again. In the grand scheme of things in God's plan I'm not worried. I know whatever comes, it's no surprise to God and He will walk us though it. God, family, and country are all important, but I'm glad God is at the top.


If you've ever read the Left Behind series by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LeHaye you may remember this scene. Nicolae Carpathia shoots a man in front of several people. I forget the exact circumstances but he basically tells those in the room that the man went crazy and killed himself. Buck and another character in the room can't believe what they just saw. The shooting and also disturbing is the fact that all the others in the room readily accepted what Nicolae said. They completely believed the man shot himself and not that Nicolae shot him.
The reason I bring this up is it reminds me somewhat of what's happening in our society today. It seems people are so blind to the truth. Politicians say one thing when the reality is completely different. Crimes are committed but many don't see that or choose to ignore it. The other thing I see happen a lot is Hillary will say things like when they go low we go high, when reality is the exact opposite. That is one example but I've seen dozens, accusing the other side of doing the very thing that you are doing. Many of her followers will blindly follow no matter what she says or does, even in the face of blatant lies and crimes.

Saturday, October 29, 2016


The level of corruption in the government is beyond comprehension. More information is coming out practically every time you look at any news. Now I read that McMullin's goal is not to win, but to block Trump from winning because he doesn't want an authoritarian to get into office. Trump is a strong leader who loves America and wants to help make her strong again, wants to protect her from enemies, make the economy grow, and clean up the corruption. My question is what exactly does he think Hillary is? Sweets and roses? She is in this for herself, for power, and for control. What sane person is ok with a criminal under investigation from the FBI, who lived a lifetime of corruption and lies, full of destructive policies to be president. This election is about so much more than these two people running. We are on a precipice and we need to do all we can to keep from falling off. America as we have known her will never be the same if we allow this clinton crime family to run our nation. I pray American's wake up and do not let these liberal progressives deceive them into giving away America. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Crazy Times

This election is something else. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a spy thriller filled with conspiracy and corruption with the lone soldier trying to fight for justice. So many twist and turns, secrets and lies, and a vast array of opinions. Then I realize this is what has become of our country.
The two candidates we have could not be more different on policy issues. There are those that say vote for neither, they are both horrible. Vote for 3rd party they say. As much as we don't like that it is dominantly a two party system, right now, that is what it is. Voting for a 3rd party person at this point in time is basically handing the election to the progressive liberals. They have successfully split the conservative vote by spreading lies and attacking the person to keep the focus of their own lack of substance. If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it. By not voting or voting 3rd party, that tells me they are ok with Hillary for president. (which considering her crimes, treason and evil intents, is mind boggling)
Yes we have two flawed candidates. We need to take a breath and look not at the people, but at the policies. People need to get past the never Trump wall and look at what each side will do for the country. On one side you have pro abortion, anti traditional marriage, open borders, higher taxes, activist judges, government healthcare, attacks on religious liberty and gun rights just to name a few. On the other side you have pro life, pro marriage, immigration protection, lower taxes, competition in healthcare, constitutional judges, protection of our freedoms, strengthening our military and regain respect in the world.
We can't listen to anything the main stream media says.They no longer hide their bias for progressive liberalism. As for Hillary, she lies so much I don't even think she knows what is truth any more. It's exhausting to listen to her spew garbage, and disheartening that so many fall for it.
These people will do anything and say anything to keep their power and people need to be careful not to fall for the deception. There is so much corruption in our government, on both sides and all around. The fact the liberals are seething with hate for Trump should tell you that he most likely has some good policies. He has many flaws yes, but we need to vote for the direction he can take our country not for his personality. We need to keep the most corrupt person ever running for president out of office, one who will take our country even further away from what America was formed to be. I think he has been successful because he has not been a politician and he doesn't back down to their attacks which usually work on other candidates liberals go up against.
I hear a lot about voting principles (which is a good thing) and since neither main candidate is stellar we need to vote 3rd party. (I don't see any 3rd party I like either, but anyway) Some say it's not Christian to vote for Trump, some say it is. I don't think it's wrong to love America and want to preserve our freedoms as a country. I don't think that in doing so I'm not trusting God. Many write about the fact that we shouldn't put our trust in government but in God alone and therefor shouldn't vote for Trump because of things he's said and done.(who of us can throw the first stone) I couldn't agree more that God is in control, and only He is who we put our faith in. I don't think the two are exclusive, that if I have hope for our country, that I can't simultaneously put my trust in God.  Whatever happens with this election I know it is in God's plan. My faith is not shaken no matter what happens in this broken world.  What I do hope is that we, as a country, can grow stronger and be a force in the world for good. There is only one candidate I see able to lead us in that direction. We need to be good stewards in the country God places us and the time He placed us in. We can't stand by and let the corruption continue. We need to vote for the policies that will make America great again and for the candidate that has a great possibility of winning and defeating Hillary.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

O Say Can You See

There has been a lot of attention to the national anthem lately. It hasn't been completely positive. For some reason an athlete decided to take a stand for an issue important to him by rejecting our flag. While he has the complete 1st Amendment right to say or convey what he wants, we also have that same right to disagree with his methods. To me, disrespecting the American flag and national anthem is akin to biting the hand that feeds you. It is that very flag and what it stands for that gives us the right to speak out. America gives him the opportunities to work hard and become an professional athlete, or any of us to strive for a dream.
His example seems to have spread far and wide to other professional athletes right down to high school athletes. As I said, while I disagree with his choice in making his point he does have that right. What I take issue with is the hypocrisy that happens when people voice their disapproval. We are suddenly called racist or that it's not ok to disagree. I see this as a trend in many areas of thought in the political realm. This goes against one of the core principles that America was founded on. The founders intended that everyone have a voice. In the land of political correctness and what the media thinks is ok, free speech is being chipped away.
Despite that, it is heartening to see some digging in and taking a stand to support America and our anthem as an answer to the protest. We need patriotism to make a comeback. I still miss the days going to sports games where all the fans would sing the anthem together. I know it is such an honor to be the one chosen to sing but let's stand together and sing as one nation, have pride in our country, and belt out the rockets red glare. There is nothing wrong with a little love for your country. Stand and be proud.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

There are so many controversial things in the news and in the world right now, when I think about what to write it's hard to know where to start. The underlying theme is a lack of God. Every single thing can be traced down to sin and people wanting to do things their way. There has been a calculated evil effort to systematically take down our country. I can hardly turn on the news without hearing of another killing, attack or disaster of some sort. It seems we are coming apart at the seams.
I said this 4 years ago and it's even more critical now....this election is of the utmost importance to our country. This is not a party choice or who has the best sound bites. This is do we want a chance to bring America back? or change her forever. Will we let them transform her away from what our founders created as the greatest country ever, or strive to regain our freedom.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


All sides are in a tizzy about the new nomination to the Supreme Court. The Democrats are once again being hypocritical (typical). Back when a Republican was in office in an election year and this issue came up they were all about saying the nomination should wait until the new president took office. Now that the tables are turned and a "Democrat" is in office during an election year, they are all about nominating a new judge as soon as possible. The Republicans are rightly saying it should wait.
I got to thinking about the irony, and it dawned on me this may be a good sign. The fact they want a nomination now, tells me they aren't overly confident they will win in November. If they were so sure that the Democrat candidate was going to be elected, why would they be in such a hurry to get the Supreme Court vacancy filled now? They could just lay low and confident that their guy in November would take care of that after they win. They may be worried the American people will see through the smoke and mirrors....and lies and corruption and not vote for the democrat nominee for president. As for me, I sure hope that's the case..that we the true Americans rise up and take our country back. Anyway, something to ponder......

Friday, February 19, 2016


We hear so much in the news about immigration. We must stop it, we must let them in, we must take care of those suffering, we must send away those here and on and on. I have definite opinions on this, but as I've been reading about boundaries lately, I have seen a correlation with personal and national. As an individual we all need healthy boundaries. We can't do it all, nor can we allow others to take advantage of us. In order to be useful and helpful members of society we need to take care of ourselves first. Even in the Bible Jesus took time away from others and took time to "feed" Himself. If we give everything away we will get to the point of not having anything to give and collapse. What's the correlation you ask? It is the same with America and immigration. If we let everyone in and try to take care of the whole world it will only lead to our collapse. It is healthy to have limits.  It is healthy for the United States to build walls of protection. We need to control who is able to come into the country and in this case not just the volume, but have the ability to keep out those who seek to harm us as well. The intent is not to harm people by keeping them out, but to maintain the ability to continue helping as we are able. If we drain our resources and are not able to even help those who are here, who are citizens that need help, it will most definitely lead to collapse.
There is no meaning to the laws and rules (boundaries) if we continue to allow, without consequence, people to break those laws. The word illegal means forbidden by law. This means criminal. Changing the name to undocumented or displaced does not change the truth of what is happening. Thousands of people have been waiting years going through the process to come to America legally, and allowing thousands more to just run across the border as criminals, disrespects and hurts those doing it the right way. Allowing them to break the law and drain the system hurts all Americans and those coming to America legally. We cannot keep showing favoritism and better treatment to criminals than we do our own citizens of America.
We in essence are not protecting ourselves and keeping our "boundaries" as a country. Just as an individual cannot fully function without healthy boundaries, neither can a nation. America has always been about helping others, about giving opportunities, about a better life, but we will loose that ability if we don't close ranks and fix the problems now.  You take care of your family and yourself first and this gives you the ability to help others more effectively. America needs to take care of America so we can effectively help others.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We Need American Patriots

This is by far the most controversial and important election in America's history, in my opinion. Even more so than the last two, we are at a turning point. America can go either way. Fight to keep our freedoms or let a minority take over and vanish our freedoms inch by inch. The divide may have never been greater. I don't think it's an overstatement to say the status of our liberty as a free country is on the line. The options for president are few. Most notably two socialists, one a life long criminal and one a bum, both who want to give America away. On the other side of the isle there are a few good options but I think one stands out far above the rest.
I'm going out on a limb and say that my "dream team" to run and Win the presidency and vice presidency is Cruz and Carson. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are men of deep integrity. Having character is not something new for these men. They have a solid history of strong values and morals. Ted Cruz stands for his principles and does not back down from doing the right thing, even if he stands alone. He knows the Constitution and fully supports and defends it, something that has been lacking in the last 7 years. Ben Carson is a man of great intelligence as well as more wisdom in his pinkie that most now in leadership. Both worked extremely hard to get to where they are, and know the value of hard work and stamina. Not of the least importance, both of these men have a strong faith in God. Contrary to what the media the left and the radical want us all to believe, America was founded as, and still is a Christian nation. No amount of rewriting history (aka lying) or preventing the proper education of our children in American values, citizenship or how a republic nation works, can change what the truth actually is. We need to stop accommodating values and culture that go against the fabric of America, to the detriment of our own freedoms. Too many divisions in a country make a country no more.
I have to believe the majority core of Americans do still love America, and cherish the freedoms unique only to us. The problem lies with those minority beliefs that have taken over those who are in leadership. People need to help educate those who have no understanding of what we could loose. They look only at the free things promised without the consequences that will surly come with that.
Socialism leads to communism which leads to a destroyed and depraved nation.
As much of the world slowly escapes and distances from these lies and corruption, America appears to be running toward them. Punishing those who work hard and earn money, to give to those who don't, only destroys a country. America is a land of equal OPPORTUNITY not equal OUTCOME. Everyone has the opportunity to succeed at some level if they work hard and persevere. It's why so many risked their lives over the last two centuries to come to America. People also forget that those who succeed big, and run companies, provide opportunity for more people to work and achieve their dreams as well. Don't punish success and innovation, it IS what built America. We need to purge out the attitude of entitlement and bring back the attitude of good work ethics and morals.
Stand firm. Educate. Don't let the American Dream and American exceptionalism die with our generation.


Race, racism, racist. These words are used so much they no longer have meaning. If someone disagrees with you call them racist. If someone does better than you call them a racist. Racism is thrown around to cast blame and make victims. Racist is defined as someone who believes or a belief one race is superior to another. The fact that someone gets paid more, has a better job, house does not mean they are or think they are superior to anyone.
It appears the only ones calling out racism are actually the ones discriminating.
I've said before the world has turned upside down. We daily see evidence of this.
It matters not what color anyone is, it only matters what their character is.
America is better than what appears to be happening. We cannot let the small amount of agitators change who we are as a country.