Sunday, April 30, 2017


Enough already! When did America loose it's backbone and turn to safe spaces, perpetually offended, drama addicted people. If I read one more article about someone being offended or needing a safe space I'll loose my mind. When did one person's feelings dictate a change in rules or society to appease and protect them, and who cares about the multitudes negatively affected by that. Because one person doesn't like something or is afraid to hear something they want All others to abide by that, rather then remove themselves from the situation.
 "That book offends me therefor we need to ban it for all."
"That phrase hurts my feelings so you should be punished."
"I don't agree with that belief so you can't talk about it.:
There are so many examples in society now that I wonder what happened to common sense. What kind of society do we have if no one can have a different opinion? Not the America I know.
America was built by people with a backbone. Pioneers, hard workers and people with goals and visions grew this country. They didn't need a safe space and weren't afraid of a challenge.
 A college campus planned to offer a certain fast food selection due to student request, but because someone is afraid of the beliefs of the owner of that company they cry their "safe space" may be threatened and the school shouldn't allow it. Too bad to the majority of students who do want it there.
Freedoms and freedom of speech in particular  is one of the foundations of America. Take that away, take away peoples right to think and say what they believe, then you crumble the foundations that make us who we are as a country and a culture. We don't all have to agree but we all need to be respectful.

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