Sunday, August 27, 2017

Spinning Off The Axel

I see that I titled my last post sanity returns, well I take that back. It's not news that the world has gone crazy. I'm daily amazed, though, at the depth of crazy going on. Every time I get any news of the outside world it's about tragedy, the perpetually offended or just plain loss of all common sense.'s my stump speech of realities.

There are two genders, one male one female, anything more or different than that is a problem that needs to be dealt with not encouraged. I'm tired of the trend to turn illness and fringe behavior into the norm. It's not. Satan takes what God made and twists it and perverts it to sin and sickness, and tries to get us all to say it's normal. What's good is bad and what's bad is good. Stop forcing us to share bathrooms, bake cakes or sanction what we don't believe in. We can't tell you what to do. Stop telling us what we must believe and accept.

Our history does not need to be erased because someone is afraid it hurts their feelings or it talks about something other than a shining past. Stop tearing down statues. Who's the ultimate authority on what's offensive and what's not? Where does it stop? There are plenty of things out there I don't agree with but I still don't have the right to tear it down. If we don't remember the good AND the bad we are destined to repeat the bad. Seeing where we were and what we've become is a healthy thing. We can't change the past but we can learn from it. This country despite it's ups and downs is the greatest country there is and if you don't think so, Move. No one is making you stay.

I get so frustrated when I see young people and even older ones who should know better claiming capitalism is bad, socialism/communism is good. To those that think that, we've utterly failed in educating them about history. Taking the power away from the people and giving it to the government is Never a good thing, and never works to better a society. They wouldn't be so eager if they really understood what loosing their freedoms would look like.

Terrorism is bad. We need to stomp it out. We need to stop letting them in our country and we need to deal harshly with the ones already here.
Islam is not a religion nor a religion of peace. It is a political ideology. Islam teaches death to infidels. Devoted muslims want you dead. Sure you may know muslims who are very nice people and want peace, maybe they don't adhere to all the teachings of their religion, good.  But the ones who follow and believe are just biding their time with every intent to take over. Sharia law and the Constitution are incompatible and we cannot coexist or allow sharia in America.

Even the weather is going crazy. The storms have increased in frequency and intensity. Birth pains anyone?

Trump is not a racist. See what he does not what the media wants you to think. Stop blindly absorbing what the mainstream wants you to think. They lost and they can't accept it and they will lie twist and pervert the truth to try to get their way. They falsely accuse conservatives of doing exactly what they are doing. Things like racism, fascism, Nazi's, everythingPhobic, intolerance, blocking free speech. This is what they are. Which side is the one trying to squelch the speech of the other?

There is no need to protest violently and threaten violence because someone has a different opinion or viewpoint than you. Suck it up buttercup. Stop being offended at everything. Move along. And don't be payed to protest, it's meaningless to do that and know nothing about why you are there.

Yes there is discrimination in America and stupid people. There are also people of every race who are in very successful jobs who worked hard and made something of their lives.

The media would have us believe everyone is fighting in the streets, hates each other and no one gets along. That may be the fringe that they are showing (or the paid protesters with an agenda to destroy us)  but I surely don't think that's what is happening in main stream America.
There is sin in the world so there will always be struggle and pain and crime. Without God we are not going to eradicate it, but it's time to be serious and stop letting evil overrun. Stand up and speak out for our country. I, for one, love America.

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