Monday, February 4, 2013

It's been Awhile

Seems like ages since I last wrote. So much has happened since October. I was amazed beyond words that we the Americans voted to keep someone, so inept at leading, in office. The more I watch news and talk, the more disheartened I get. Some people truly believe that our country is doing well, going in the right direction. As misguided as that is,they are entitled to their opinions. What is frustrating are those who vote blindly without knowing anything about any candidate. They vote merely on the wave of popularity or political correctness. I've seen people asked if they agree with certain views, which they do, and in actuality those views are the opposite of the person they support. Mind boggling. Something I heard over Christmas's hard to defeat Santa Claus. That couldn't be more true. America is in for a rude awakening if we continue on the path we are on. We are creating a society of entitlement seekers. People want something for nothing. They want others to work hard so they can get handouts. That is a path that leads to destruction of our country, the coffers will eventually become empty. We can't go on spending without creating ways and incentives for people to excel and grow business.

The latest bandwagon now is gun control. Our freedoms are slowly being chipped away. The Second Amendment is there to protect us, but it is being attacked.It was one of the basic rights our founders saw as a need to keep us free. Guns don't kill people. It's the decay of society that lead people to kill, and with many methods besides guns. I would hazard to guess that more people had guns in the home in the last centuries than now. Most boys would get one growing up, more families depended on hunting, or just to have for security. We didn't have mass shootings and murders then to the extent we do now. Why is that? It's not the amount of guns, or the kind of guns, it's the society devaluing life and demonizing traditional family values. Each freedom they keep trying to slowly slide under the rug, the closer we are to loosing our republic.

Our country was founded on Biblical values and set up to protect our religious rights and freedoms. It is slowly and systematically being fundamentally changed.

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