Friday, March 8, 2013

Tattered Flag

The other day at work I looked out the classroom window at the flags flapping in the snowy wind. The edges of the American flag were frayed and tattered. I just stared. I stared because the the image there so exemplifies what our country is going through right now. Even the flag is worn out and sad. It's a vivid picture of the state of our union. The founding fathers tried to worn us, yet we have not heeded.

It seems we are coming apart at the seams. If we are not careful we will irrevocably unravel completely. We are slowly loosing our freedom, our selves. It seems so many have lost what it means to be America, the ideals we were founded on. It's hard to understand how people cannot see the deception, lies, and corruption that leads this nation. Attempts to bring to light the wrongs leads to being banished by the very ones who fear the light. I feel like we could shout from the mountaintops the truth and yet no one hears. Many are so blinded that they may believe the most outrageous lie told to their face. I keep thinking this will get better, America will wake up to this disguised and deceptive takeover of our constitution and liberties, but I'm not so sure. I still hope. The Bible does say that what is wrong will be viewed right, what's good will be viewed bad. I can see that being true in our world today. Just like the the flag I saw, we as a country are a torn and tattered nation right now; but the one thing I can be sure of is, God is in control. No matter how much this world tries to erase God from existence, they will never succeed. America IS Beautiful...who do you think made it that way!