Friday, March 29, 2013

Upside Down

The other day I was at my niece's birthday party. A comment was made about how different the parties are now. Gone are the big packages, toys, and barbies. All the four cousins are now teenagers and their birthday parties are cards and gift cards. Instead of playing with toys they go in the basement and curl each other's hair or watch clips on youtube. It made me think how fast things change and usually change is good. In essence they are still the same girls just more mature and interested in the things teens are interested in. Their core values haven't changed.

It's not quite the same story for America. We are a young country as countries go, but if you look over the last century of change, there has been good things and bad things. We have grown and matured but we are loosing the essence of what makes America America. We were born as a Christian nation (despite how the liberals and progressives try to rewrite history). We have our faults and struggles but the base foundation of America has been families and churches. We didn't suddenly flip upside down, it was a slow and deliberate process led by those who don't like what our country stands for. We are unique in the world in many ways, with our freedoms, our pioneer spirit, our caring for fellow man. When we have God and families we are able to stand strong against atrocities and attacks from any enemy. Without strong families, it's difficult to raise strong people.

Slowly over the last century there has been a calculated attempt to remove those two foundations of America because they understand that without God and strong nuclear families we as America are weak. Just to name some examples; Darwin--trying to take God out of the picture of how humankind came to be, prayer out of school, making divorce easier and more common, women's lib movement-devaluing the role of wife and mother, abortions, gay marriage-to destroy the definition of marriage, over used social programs like welfare--nanny state, BIG government and victim mentality. All of these seek to remove God, destroy the family and devalue human life. Without the guiding hand of God and strong families our nation will fall victim to control by those who seek only control and not the welfare of it's people. The more people that think they can only be taken care of by the government or only want the government to take care of them, the faster this country will fail. It degrades America's strong work ethic that helped build our nation. It's disheartening to see this happening and how blinded so many are to the reality.

The separation of church and state is a myth that so many tout to remove God from America. It's a myth because it's not in the constitution as they say, nor was it even close to the intentions the founders had. The constitution protects the people from a government run religion and protects religion from being infringed upon by government. They had no intention to keep God out of government and actually leaned heavily on the Bible in forming the constitution and other founding documents. (Although in today's society, most religions are readily accepted by liberals EXCEPT Christianity which is vilified at every turn..hmmm something to ponder why)

The only true statement I've ever heard uttered from the current president has been that he wants to FUNDAMENTALLY change America and that's exactly what he's trying to do; and take as many rights and freedoms away as he can while burying us under heavy government induced burdens. Any high and lofty sounding goals he utters are lies and hypocritical. Those "progressives" that came before him have laid the foundation for this degradation of America making it possible for him to deceive. We need to wake up and smell the evil.

My hope is that we can pull together to stop from being turned totally upside down and return to the foundations America was built on. Go back to when our constitution meant something to the leaders and not a bendable thing to be changed by their whim. Our kids deserve to have the American dream as much as our ancestors enjoyed it.


  1. More people need to read this, Deb. So well said!