Friday, June 7, 2013

Regs Regs and more Regs

So much scandal has been uncovered since I last wrote. The magnitude of it all I guess has left me speechless...for a time. So much needed to be said but unable to formulate it onto a page. But no better time than the present to get back at it.
For the moment though, I have something more general on my mind. Regulations. I've had enough. Don't get me wrong, there needs to be regulations, but in our society we've gone beyond overboard. Those in charge, be it government local or federal, employers, leaders, activists or you name it are trying to control every aspect of our daily lives.

Regulating how much pop we can buy--sure it may be bad for you and people make bad choices, but they should have that choice
Regulating where you can build a house so as not to kill off a bug--where is the value of the human being and their need
Regulating what you can and can't say--heaven forbid we offend anyone (except of course Christians they are apparently fair game)
Regulating guns--ever hear of the 2nd amendment

Licences permits rules and bans for multitudes of things

Stories daily of peoples rights being taken away

Starting or maintaining a small business is made extremely difficult

What happened to America the Land of the Free? We are being squelched, controlled and regulated to death. When a little kid can't sell lemonade on the street without fear of getting in trouble or you can't sell milk from YOUR cow to YOUR neighbor and on and on...something is desperately wrong.

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