Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank you

Thank you to our veterans. Those words seem small for all that they have done to preserve American values and way of life. Starting back with the Revolutionary War, all the way to today, countless people have sacrificed their lives for America and Americans. We are all connected. America is an exceptional country, built in ways no other nation in history was built. The founding fathers got together and hammered out our governing documents. Out of the early American's desire to be independent of tyranny and have freedom to worship came a great nation. Without those willing to sacrifice for what they believe in America would be no more. Right now we face a reality of loosing what we have worked so hard to keep. As true patriots we need to dig deep and fight for our country, stand together and bring America back to its founding principles, lest all the past sacrifice be in vain.
So thank you to those who fight bravely for America, let's join together and remember what makes America great.

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