Sunday, May 25, 2014

Freedom is not Free

Freedom is not free is a phrase most of us have heard many times, but as we honor those who fought for us this Memorial Day we need to remember the sacrifices they gave. We enjoy our many freedoms but many of us take these for granted. We can go where we want, be who we want, say what we want, worship how we choose.  If we were born in America, freedom is all we have ever known. We have no idea what it's like to live without freedom. At the same time we need to be careful not to abuse our freedoms and be responsible citizens of this great nation.
There was a time when America wasn't free and a world around us that still does not enjoy that freedom. It was a risky and terrifying concept for those Revolutionary warriors to attempt the journey that brought US that very freedom. Countless soldiers through the centuries risked life and limb and a future so that we could live as we do. I would imagine that if given the choice they would do it all over again. These brave men thought not of themselves but of their love of our country and the honor and privilege to serve.
Each generation has had to fight to keep that freedom. Let us not drop that ball and loose all they have gained. We thank them by being grateful for what we have and working hard to keep it. There is a untold cost to what we have. Freedom is not free, let's remember that in how we live.

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