Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day

In spite of the fact our America looks very different than the one our founders built, we still are a free and quite exceptional nation. I know our freedoms are slowly slipping away, but if you look at the core of America and Americans, most of us still believe in the ideals of the founders and hold true to the constitution. The media portrays conservative ideals as a minority when it's more of a majority.  It's sad to see how the minority has become so anti-American, how uninformed people are of basic American history.
When people are offended by things like the flying of the American Flag there is something deeply wrong with the world. Avoiding offending someone seems to take precedence over freedom of speech and expression. We are in America, there's no reason not to fly the flag and be proud of our country. We shouldn't have to accommodate to other cultures to the point of squelching our own American ideals and freedoms.
People think saying America is exceptional means we are cocky or think we are better than the rest of the world. This is far from the case. We are exceptional because of of the type of government we have is unique in the world. The method we were founded is unique in the world. Our past is far from perfect but overall we have sought to make the world a better place.
Despite what many progressives would like to believe, America was founded as a Christian nation. Those leaders put God first and I think that is a main reason that this country works...or worked. Truly what's happening now is a spiritual battle for the hearts of Americans more than any political agenda or politician.  I am seeing a glimmer of hope with more and more people getting fed up with the state of our nation and fighting back. The Bible says in the end times what's good is considered bad and what's bad is considered good. I don't know if it's the end times or not but I do know that's what's happening now. But we need not give up hope because nothing is impossible with God. We can turn this country back to it's roots but it won't be an easy task. It has been a long slow infiltration and it will take diligent persistence to change course.

So today I do celebrate America...what America stands for....her rich history...freedom. At the same time I feel a hint of somber from the struggle we are in now. Our forefathers built America once..we can bring it back again.  We owe it to all those who fought and sacrificed to make America great.

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