Thursday, February 25, 2016


All sides are in a tizzy about the new nomination to the Supreme Court. The Democrats are once again being hypocritical (typical). Back when a Republican was in office in an election year and this issue came up they were all about saying the nomination should wait until the new president took office. Now that the tables are turned and a "Democrat" is in office during an election year, they are all about nominating a new judge as soon as possible. The Republicans are rightly saying it should wait.
I got to thinking about the irony, and it dawned on me this may be a good sign. The fact they want a nomination now, tells me they aren't overly confident they will win in November. If they were so sure that the Democrat candidate was going to be elected, why would they be in such a hurry to get the Supreme Court vacancy filled now? They could just lay low and confident that their guy in November would take care of that after they win. They may be worried the American people will see through the smoke and mirrors....and lies and corruption and not vote for the democrat nominee for president. As for me, I sure hope that's the case..that we the true Americans rise up and take our country back. Anyway, something to ponder......

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