Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We Need American Patriots

This is by far the most controversial and important election in America's history, in my opinion. Even more so than the last two, we are at a turning point. America can go either way. Fight to keep our freedoms or let a minority take over and vanish our freedoms inch by inch. The divide may have never been greater. I don't think it's an overstatement to say the status of our liberty as a free country is on the line. The options for president are few. Most notably two socialists, one a life long criminal and one a bum, both who want to give America away. On the other side of the isle there are a few good options but I think one stands out far above the rest.
I'm going out on a limb and say that my "dream team" to run and Win the presidency and vice presidency is Cruz and Carson. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are men of deep integrity. Having character is not something new for these men. They have a solid history of strong values and morals. Ted Cruz stands for his principles and does not back down from doing the right thing, even if he stands alone. He knows the Constitution and fully supports and defends it, something that has been lacking in the last 7 years. Ben Carson is a man of great intelligence as well as more wisdom in his pinkie that most now in leadership. Both worked extremely hard to get to where they are, and know the value of hard work and stamina. Not of the least importance, both of these men have a strong faith in God. Contrary to what the media the left and the radical want us all to believe, America was founded as, and still is a Christian nation. No amount of rewriting history (aka lying) or preventing the proper education of our children in American values, citizenship or how a republic nation works, can change what the truth actually is. We need to stop accommodating values and culture that go against the fabric of America, to the detriment of our own freedoms. Too many divisions in a country make a country no more.
I have to believe the majority core of Americans do still love America, and cherish the freedoms unique only to us. The problem lies with those minority beliefs that have taken over those who are in leadership. People need to help educate those who have no understanding of what we could loose. They look only at the free things promised without the consequences that will surly come with that.
Socialism leads to communism which leads to a destroyed and depraved nation.
As much of the world slowly escapes and distances from these lies and corruption, America appears to be running toward them. Punishing those who work hard and earn money, to give to those who don't, only destroys a country. America is a land of equal OPPORTUNITY not equal OUTCOME. Everyone has the opportunity to succeed at some level if they work hard and persevere. It's why so many risked their lives over the last two centuries to come to America. People also forget that those who succeed big, and run companies, provide opportunity for more people to work and achieve their dreams as well. Don't punish success and innovation, it IS what built America. We need to purge out the attitude of entitlement and bring back the attitude of good work ethics and morals.
Stand firm. Educate. Don't let the American Dream and American exceptionalism die with our generation.

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  1. Love your blog! Like the sound of Cruz/Carson, would look good on a bumper sticker! They've mentioned Carson as a potential VP on Fox News, but for Trump! Can't imagine that. Rubio would be good, if he could pull a win over Hillary or Bernie. (He's pretty evangelical as well)! I'm following...