Saturday, January 21, 2017


Yesterday was quite the day. Donald J. Trump was sworn in as our 45th President. An historic day for sure. As I was reflecting on our great country, last night I decided to watch The Patriot. If you haven't seen it, it's a good one. I can't remember when it came out, but it's probably been more than 10 years because my first copy of it was on VHS. It's about a man who, for various reasons, resisted going to war. He was widowed with 7 children. He fully supported becoming independent from Britain but had seen war in the past and didn't want to resort to that. He eventually gets pulled into the war when a British commander captured his son who was serving in the Continental army and killed one of his younger sons. He paid a huge price to fight for freedom. He losts sons and they burned down his home. Other characters in the story also paid deeply for supporting American Independence.
This is but one example of the many sacrifices our founders made to secure this exceptional country. We have come a long way from those battles, in good ways and bad. Government has become so much bigger and more intrusive that they ever intended. In fact, fought so hard to get away from. I'm so thankful for the sacrifices those men and women made so long ago. Many never even were able to enjoy the results.
Whatever people think or say about President Trump, I know that he loves America. I believe he will fight in the spirit and values of our founders to bring us to where we need to be. I hope and pray the successes will benefit and win over all the naysayers and haters, and that we will be United in America again.

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