Sunday, December 18, 2016

Can't wait for Inauguration Day!

Warning: some venting ahead.
I have about reached overload with all the post election craziness.The Russians did this, Trump is that, my life is over because Hillary isn't going to be president, I need a safe space, because I didn't get my way I need to burn things down etc. etc. etc. I know the majority of people are sane (at least I hope so) and can handle the outcome of the election. It seems unbelievable the depths of despair and behavior some are displaying. I don't remember riots and accusations that the world would end when Obama got into office--twice, nor college students crying and coloring. Sometimes you loose, sometimes you win. I was not happy that he won but I moved on with life hoping next time things would get better and that he wouldn't cause too much irreversible damage. It is a sad statement of our society that people cannot handle loosing. It's a part of with it. Even all Hillary's talk of we must accept the outcome of the election (before the election) and now she is doing all she can to try to change the outcome or at least delegitimize it. She blames everyone and everything but herself for loosing. It couldn't possibly be anything wrong with her (or the last 8 years of twisted philosophy that she pledged to continue), she must have lost because the American people are stupid and don't know what's good for them and oh yes, the Russians hacked the election.
Give me a break.
The only thing that lost her the election was her. The hacked emails only brought the truth to light and nothing more. They exposed corruption at every level in the democratic party. It matters little (or to quote a certain someone "at this point what difference does it make") how they were hacked or by who. Maybe if she wouldn't have been breaking the law with a private server no one would have been able to see all the corruption. Or maybe if she and others hadn't committed all the crimes they did, there would be nothing to expose. Maybe if she actually accomplished something good instead of talking about the non fact that she did so much for whatever. It would be nice if she could take responsibility for the trail of corruption, lies, and crimes in her wake over a lifetime.
I admit in the beginning I wasn't too fond of Trump. I was rooting for others to get the nomination. Once it was clear he was going to be the nominee I tried to keep an open mind to see what he was going to do for our country. Whenever I hear objections to him at this point, it's the same false propaganda that the liberals have been pushing. (When I hear people say, but I don't listen to the media, but then spout the same stuff, I have my doubts.) When you look beyond their talking points you can find the real truth. Granted Trump can be brash and obnoxious, not all get his humor and he has made some poor life choices in the past. But. I think he is the perfect man for the job in this time in history. I'll tell you why. He is not in the political class so cannot be controlled by the standard way of Washington politics. He doesn't get intimidated and back down from the lies and distortions coming from the media. (Much of the Republican candidates tend to back down under pressure and that's not what we need.) He truly loves America and will work hard and actually get things done to help all Americans. (Though I know the left will fight him at every move) He values all life and will seek to protect it. He wants to strengthen our country and fix the problems that were created in the last 8 years that were meant to tear our country down. He will put America first and not apologize to the world for who we are. America is exceptional. Embrace it.
Sure he will make mistakes, nobody is perfect, but I am 100% sure he is better for American than the alternative. The left is so out of touch with reality and what actually works. I'm grateful for a reprieve from their destructive policies and world view. Trump knows enough to surround himself with wise counsel and contrary to what some think, he will actually take advise. All the fear mongering against him is based completely in the false narrative the communist/socialist left pushes out.
Sit back America, and watch and see. If we are open minded and look at reality and not the media, I think we will be pleased with the outcome of what he can accomplish. I for one am looking forward to better days for America.

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  1. You said it sister. So true in every respect. People need to quit worrying about this presidential election and move onto other things. I will continue to live out the phrase, "In God We Trust." And as a Christian woman I trust that he has that person exactly where he wants them to be.