Wednesday, October 11, 2017


What happened to patriotism? I know it's still around, but not to the extent I grew up with .The media would also have you believe everyone hates America by what they broadcast but we know that's not true. Just drive around and you will still see flags flying proudly. Go to high school or college sports and you will hear our great national anthem. Even so, it does seem patriotism, love and respect for America has declined. I don't think kids are being taught love of country or given an understanding of our founding and exceptionalism. We are truly unique in the world and future American generations need to be be taught about it or we will loose what we've built.
One thing I miss from growing up is when the anthem was played at ballgames. Then, it wasn't just played and people stand, the whole crowd would proudly sing along. It wasn't so much a performance by someone as it was a community together honoring America and the freedoms we enjoy. I wish that tradition would start up again. The situation that inspired the anthem is nothing short of inspiring. The strength those soldiers had to hold out against the British and keep our flag flying is beyond amazing.
Over the years the flag has been a beacon of hope, an inspiration to achieve greatness and an encouragement to go on. It has meaning far beyond a piece of cloth.

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