Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sad Times

It saddens me to see the direction our country is moving. I cleared out everything I had in this blog, to start over. I have finally figured out a focus to write about. With an historic election coming up, I feel the need to express, vent or otherwise educate about the issues. There is so much to delve into it's hard to know where to start. People need to see the big issue involved here. The very basis our country was founded on is in jeopardy. Those who would support the president, I feel aren't looking at the big picture. They look as specific things and the outcomes for them. We need to see the big picture of our freedoms being taken away. The age old question; are we better off now than four years ago. No. This president has dragged our country through the mud. Frankly, other than power, I don't know why he wanted to be president. He despises our country and all that we stand for. He apologizes for us around the world. He does whatever he can to tear this county apart and destroy our freedoms that we fought and died for. This is the year to gather together and fight to keep America strong, keep our freedoms intact, and shrink the government back to where the founders intended.

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