Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's Beautiful in America

I'm switching gears a little bit today. I want to draw attention some people in this world that are very beautiful. I see them everyday. Our lives and, specifically, my life would be so much less without them. Special needs kids, disabled kids, delayed...whatever you want to call them...to me they are just kids. I can't imagine an America..a world.. without them. There are those who would like to push them aside, or claim they don't have quality of life. I say...who are they to judge what someone's quality of life is. You could have all the skills and abilities, a boatload of money or fame and have no quality of life. Quality is much more than what the standards of the world may be. The kids in my life mean the world to me. Whenever I hear a story about accomplishments, achievements of any kind, it fills my heart with joy.
I don't see a kid in a wheelchair, I see a superstar.
I don't see a boy struggling to write his name, I see a fighter pushing the limits.
I don't see a girl garbling her words, I see a song being sung.
I don't see a child with a deformity, I see a beautiful creation of God.
I see a blessing in each one.

These kids, that some like to pass by, have SO much to give, so much to teach, and so much joy to give others. My life is much richer from all the cherubs I know. I'm grateful for the privilege to know each one, no matter their abilities or difficulties. Sure there are good days and bad days, but who among us doesn't have both as well. They can play baseball, sing a song; wrestle with their brothers; gobble down a pizza...not so different, just different ways.

Sometimes it's hard for them to communicate, so take the time to try to understand. Someone may not be able to talk but if you take the time to look, you'll see a multitude of communication in other ways. I wouldn't trade my experience with these awesome kids for anything. They are each a blessing.
One little guy I know can't talk, but he fills the lives around him with such joy. He has a great sense of humor and loves to giggle and tease. He has so much inside to share, but just has a hard time getting it out. If you take the time to try, it's awesome when he gets his point across to you. I'm amazed at his ingenuity in communicating. I see what he Can do, and help him with the things he can't. We teach him, but almost more so, he teaches us.
It doesn't matter how much someone can do, or what they can do, they contribute in their own special way. Each of us does. See the ability, not a disability. In many ways we are all the same. We all have value and importance in this world.

Having people with all levels of skills and abilities is one of the things I think makes America Beautiful.

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