Saturday, October 29, 2016


The level of corruption in the government is beyond comprehension. More information is coming out practically every time you look at any news. Now I read that McMullin's goal is not to win, but to block Trump from winning because he doesn't want an authoritarian to get into office. Trump is a strong leader who loves America and wants to help make her strong again, wants to protect her from enemies, make the economy grow, and clean up the corruption. My question is what exactly does he think Hillary is? Sweets and roses? She is in this for herself, for power, and for control. What sane person is ok with a criminal under investigation from the FBI, who lived a lifetime of corruption and lies, full of destructive policies to be president. This election is about so much more than these two people running. We are on a precipice and we need to do all we can to keep from falling off. America as we have known her will never be the same if we allow this clinton crime family to run our nation. I pray American's wake up and do not let these liberal progressives deceive them into giving away America. 

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