Sunday, November 6, 2016


If you've ever read the Left Behind series by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LeHaye you may remember this scene. Nicolae Carpathia shoots a man in front of several people. I forget the exact circumstances but he basically tells those in the room that the man went crazy and killed himself. Buck and another character in the room can't believe what they just saw. The shooting and also disturbing is the fact that all the others in the room readily accepted what Nicolae said. They completely believed the man shot himself and not that Nicolae shot him.
The reason I bring this up is it reminds me somewhat of what's happening in our society today. It seems people are so blind to the truth. Politicians say one thing when the reality is completely different. Crimes are committed but many don't see that or choose to ignore it. The other thing I see happen a lot is Hillary will say things like when they go low we go high, when reality is the exact opposite. That is one example but I've seen dozens, accusing the other side of doing the very thing that you are doing. Many of her followers will blindly follow no matter what she says or does, even in the face of blatant lies and crimes.

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